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Inner Dialogue

No More Ice Cream Before Bed!

Holy Mackerel, those were some crazy dreams. I constantly dream about trying to find a destination so I’m used to that but usually I’m on the bus or in a car. Not running the whole damn time. I was so tired when I woke up […]

Calm Down, Crazy Lady.

It’s been over two weeks since ‘the chain mail incident’. I lost my shit last week. I was convinced I’d never be able to work again. I couldn’t cut my nails or lift a fork properly let alone type on a computer all day or […]

Just a test

This is just a test…

Happy New Year

It’s officially Winter and as much as I know I must embrace the seasons for what they are… I’m ready for spring now. If only so our roof can be fixed before the rain starts. As we discovered the first week of Winter, there’s a […]

Nothing Mode

After all of the brouhaha in the air over the elections last week I’m having a hard time figuring out what to focus on next. One of the little voices in my head say concentrate on making a steady income. Another one says NO!! Feed […]

Time Moves On

thinking. thinking. paragraph at a time. horrors pledged but not resigned promises changing overnight damn those bastards / let’s not fight hate the left!/bless the right! making me sick, the clock still… ticks… ticks… ticks…