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No More Ice Cream Before Bed!

Holy Mackerel, those were some crazy dreams. I constantly dream about trying to find a destination so I’m used to that but usually I’m on the bus or in a car. Not running the whole damn time. I was so tired when I woke up today! Plus there was the disturbing imagery of the heads laying around the underpass where all the junkies were hanging out, like they were left for decoration. And the crazy lady chasing me with her favourite. Then the cop that was doing the same thing, like they were infected by the heads. I just wanted to take a damn short cut. Not worth it. SO not worth it.

Take your time finding your way! The world will ALWAYS be under construction. As for the underpass with the heads laying around well… that needs some further thought.

Not to mention all of the phones and people changing at work where I started…

I dug the roller skates I left on.

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