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My Personal Manifesto

{page currently always being edited}

Operation FRED Aristotle
Studying Botany, Horticulture, Food & Nutrition, Natural Medicines and Psychology; focusing on greenhouse production, organic agriculture. I also have an interest in horticultural and art therapy, but I’m limited to focusing on about 8 things at a time. Yeesh.

I’m studying these subjects because I feel they are important for me to know well in order to build a foundation for the next chapters in my life . I am not approaching it with an expectation to be monetarily rewarded for my efforts (by having a degree or traditional education) so much as making my path a smoother one to navigate. With that in mind; the pressure is off. I can just learn. That’s how it should be. For me at least.

The money I hope to make on this site or work I find through it will assist in achieving this lofty goal. It will allow me to focus on learning, not searching for freelance jobs or working full time for someone else which inevitably sucks up all of my energy and creativity.

I thought about a fund raising campaign for a long time. I don’t think that’s for me. I would rather put my work out there in my own way. I just want to learn. I don’t want to spend my time making videos for a Kickstarter campaign. I want to study and take pictures and grow things. I’ll make videos later.

Buying The Farm
We need somewhere to put the greenhouse(s). I’d like to grow as many of my own ingredients as possible for everything I make in the kitchen. Sauces, soups and soap!

I’m weighing the pros and cons of an Urban Hobby Farm to work our way up to an outside farm. I need to talk to the City and find out what they have to say about it. I already know I can’t have chickens. Which is unfortunate. I’m kind of warming up to the idea. I just can’t eat them. No way. Can’t eat something I nurture. Or name. And you KNOW I’m going to name the Chickens.
Big plans…

I’ll save the pros and cons for a blog post.

Social Enterprise
{Share The Surplus, Fourth Wall, Closetopia} OY. Lots of ideas, lots of writing.

“Success is made from a little opportunity and a lot of hard work.” Sid Gutsche
One of my favorite ideas that I’m sure by this point is inaccurately quoted.

What’s on Linkedin sort of:

Graphic designer changing gears to all things green. I’m studying Permaculture Design, Horticulture; Food, Nutrition, Natural Healing and a little Environmental Psychology. I intend to:

• Engage in life-long learning.
• Build community.
• Grow food & beneficial plants for health and environment.
• Teach people grow their own food.
• Facilitate relationships between people and their environment.
• Build Zen Spaces.
• Practice accountability for the footprint I’ve personally created throughout my career as a designer.
• Help people to slow down, show them the connection.

What I am doing in the meantime:

• Graphic design for web applications.
• Photo Restoration & Editing
• My photography – Editing & layout for coffee table book.
• Plant Maintenance
• Yard Maintenance & Gardening
• Re-purposing; bird houses, gardens, sheds, tables, headboards, chairs etc.
• Designing custom gardening solutions – small spaces, physical challenges, etc.