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Calm Down, Crazy Lady.

It’s been over two weeks since ‘the chain mail incident’. I lost my shit last week. I was convinced I’d never be able to work again. I couldn’t cut my nails or lift a fork properly let alone type on a computer all day or cut paper, or make jewelry. Or anything else (camera included which REALLY set me off). I think I was well within my rights to flip out a little. So, I recognize this week that I’m feeling about 90% improvement but I still have limits. I felt a distinct twinge when I was finally trimming my nails today. But not pain, so that’s got me in a pretty good mood.

Yesterday I tested my limits by whipping up some Arnica Oil to use in some pain gunk I’m making. I found a massive jar of Coconut Oil in the cupboard I haven’t used yet when I was combing the kitchen for space the other day so of course, I went online looking for uses. I wound up finding the original recipe that got me started a few years ago so, why not stick with it right? Let me just say, the oil on its own in the crockpot makes me want cookies in a big bad way…

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