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Happy New Year

It’s officially Winter and as much as I know I must embrace the seasons for what they are… I’m ready for spring now. If only so our roof can be fixed before the rain starts. As we discovered the first week of Winter, there’s a big dip up there that pools water and isn’t properly sealed. We have a timber roof. So in one way it’s good we don’t have an attic for it to drip into unbeknownst to us… Instead it drips directly into a plant pot (convenient) and on a faux leather couch that won’t get wrecked if a couple of drops hit it. As long as that remains the only trouble spot, we’re golden. It’s the angst that will come with every Chinook melt that I’m not looking forward to.


I’m listening to U2 War, I almost forgot how good it is as an Album. In my opinion their best. I had a moment of debating it but I’m over that now. By far as a whole, it’s War.

It’s 2017.

Let that sink in for a bit. …

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