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Media Shut Down Begins

Is anyone else seeing this and what it might lead to?! I wasn’t going to post articles and references on their own but this one made me think a little harder and see a little more clearly than most. Is this indicative of the ‘state approved media’ to come?

I’m the first person to say that mainstream media is completely misguiding, inciting hatred and promoting fear. I remember the first time I went off about it in regards to Alex Jones and all of the press I was seeing when the religious rights acts were plastered every where.

This is something removed from that. Coming from someone who’s had a hand in creating the monster that is the media… ugh to be a fly on the wall in a conversation between Trump and Ailes. This is how empires cloaked in fear and mistrust are built…

I’m so interested in seeing where it all goes…. and not.

Donald Trump breaks protocol, denies journalists access to White House trip


Holy shit I wish I could speak with George Orwell or Jack London.


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