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Nothing Mode

After all of the brouhaha in the air over the elections last week I’m having a hard time figuring out what to focus on next. One of the little voices in my head say concentrate on making a steady income. Another one says NO!! Feed your soul! Another one says do both but I’m not going to tell you how! Blarg. Never ending story.  In the battle of all or nothing, I’m clearly in nothing mode. total blank. Last week drained me completely, to the point that it took a ridiculously long time to work out what to do with the dining room window and looking at it today, I still hate it. What the hell?!.


I feel like I’m in an old woman’s house when I look at it. I am NOT an old woman. Ugh.  Seriously. I just wanted a curtain rod put up so I could deal with it and it somehow became a team project and just grew into this ridiculous time consuming thing. I don’t really understand how it got to this.

I really need to find something new to focus on….

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