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The Morning After The Day The World Shook

Should I have spelled that mourning?

It’s November 10, 2016. Yesterday I woke up to the news that the next President of the USA is Donald Trump. I understood that this was always a possibility, but to actually see that line tip over the 270 point, I was in absolute disbelief. I was afraid. It doesn’t matter right now what I was (still am) fearful of but I spent a big part of yesterday trying to defend my right to have that fear, express it, and do it without a smile on my face. Honestly, there is very little more irritating than being told I should smile. Seriously.

Today, there have been protests in at least 10 cities, it’s been remarked that Putin and Trump’s foreign policy is almost the same by a spokesperson for the Kremlin.

I’ve been trying so hard to come up with the plot for a period of occupation… it all seems to be writing itself…

just not here yet…


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