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Write Now!

I cannot read this enough. Putting it here for safe keeping, for the days I questions everything I want to do and put out there. Why wouldn’t I?! Whats the point of keeping all this shit in my head if only to talk to myself about it… Great article, 6 writers on why we need art now. This is one of my favourites but the whole thing is fantastic. Go, now… Shoo.

Dan Piepenbring at the Paris Review on why now is the time to write:

The creative impulse is such a fragile thing, but we have to create now. We owe it to ourselves to do the work. I want to encourage you. If you aspire to write, put aside all the niceties and sureties about what art should be and write something that makes the scales fall from our eyes. Forget the tired axioms about showing and telling, about sense of place—any possible obstruction—and write to destroy complacency, to rattle people, to help people, first and foremost yourself. Lodge your ideas like glass shards in the minds of everyone who would have you believe there’s no hope. And read, as often and as violently as you can. If you have friends, as I do, who tacitly believe that it’s too much of a chore to read a book, just one fucking book, from start to finish, smash every LCD they own. This is an opportunity. There’s too much at stake now to pretend that everything is okay.

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