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Collector Of Stuff

Under Construction…

If you have somewhere to display it or hang it, you aren’t a hoarder you are a collector. There is a difference.

Garage sales, surplus, thrift stores. I love them. If I look at it and say “I’ll use it one day”, “it will look good on my shelf next to the other one”, “I can put a plant in that” or “keep it out of the land fill” and it was ridiculously cheap; it might be in our house.

We’re full up. I need to distinguish what I’m actually collecting and what I need to get rid of! This is my garage sale prep page.

Actual Collections

{photo shoot to-do list}
Marbles (Hell yes, I know exactly where my marbles are at all times. And my towel. )
Rocks (Yes. I’m one of those.)
Tea Cups
Hardcover Books (inc. early 20th Century text books)
Pink Glass light fixtures from Peggy Sue (circ.1950) {link to Peggy Sue’s Lament}
Antique hand tools

Needs To Go

Vintage RedThe red dress. SIGH. I love it too much to re-purpose it. Someone will appreciate it as much as I do in one piece.

I found it at the Double V Boutique
(Value Village). There was a while I found something every time I went. Not so much lately. I’ve been behaving. Mostly. Which is good, because Sweetie’s been going to Auction…


red shoesI got these shoes to plant Thyme in. That was 3 years ago. I can’t even  imagine wearing them. Yikes. They’d probably fit the same person that could fit the dress.