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Crazy Plant Lady

Crazy Plant Lady

I would love to take credit for the name, but a friend came over and saw all of the plants and said, “Hey Crazy Plant Lady, you have to show me how you do this”.  I thought it was a fantastic name if I ever wanted to play with plants all day, and what do you know? I’m there.

I should make it very clear that just because we have a crap load of plants, it doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing. It’s a learning process.  It’s part of my “mission in life” to learn what I can about all things plants, food, healing, nutrition, etc. so I can share it with anyone that cares to listen. It’s not all preachy or anything. Just handy information and tips, like Don’t Lick This Plant. Common sense for some…

If you are interested in that kind of thing, have a look!

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