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In no particular order at the moment, just making a list of things I’ve read or watched so I can reference it later if I write about it.

Rewriting DNA (article in GE Reports)
GMO Mosquitos to get rid of Zika spreading cousins

What Vladimir Putin Wants From American Elections (article)
St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (2016) (video)
Russian with English subtitles – Putin talking about the weapons balance necessary to maintain global security.
Russia Insider – Putin Ultimatum discussed (video)
Powers of The President (wiki)

Global Trade & Economics & Security
China’s hopes with Trump as Prez (article)
TPP (wiki)
NAFTA (wiki)
Study of NAFTA from Harvard Law
NATO (website)
Canadian Free Trade Agreements (website)
Trump Victory re: Canada’s trade agreements (article)
Putin & Trump’s foreign policy phenomenally similar (article)