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The Mothership Manifesto

I’ve had this bouncing around my head for a while. What it will end up being is totally up for debate. One day it’s a photo essay, the next it’s a philosophical thesis… It’s most likely going to be a combination of the two… I guess we’ll see.

For now it’s nature photos. Except for that coffee picture… Um.

I’m taking this Free Herbal Materia Medica Course by Herbal Academy and finding it very helpful because I’m building my own herbal journal and that’s one of the first things covered! It’s going to be part of the Mothership Manifesto. Possibly a big part, possibly a little supplement to the whole thing. They suggest a topic for the 5 you choose to work on through the course. I’m going to have more than one topic but I definitely want to have a focus on women’s specific issues because we cover a pretty decent portion of the planet and something that can suck that much for that many people needs to have more focus given to it. Period.

Hah. See what I did there?

I think I’ll break down my study into a few sections – Women’s health, anxiety & depression – how it relates to what we eat and how (if) why what we eat effects it all, and at what stages should we be making what changes to better our quality of life, naturally. It’s an interesting addition in my mind to The Mothership Manifesto because while it’s about Earth and the connections between the inhabitants of Earth, well it just works for both…

So, from today on I’ll be putting my notes here instead of on every loose piece of paper I can find because holy shit that’s going to be fun to go through.