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Word Salad

I’m TRYING to write every day. I have a few ideas I’m working on. They keep meshing together in the most unnatural ways. I’m all over the map and I need to organize my thoughts.

So… I’m separating them into these categories:

Private Journal – password protected


Biotech, Politics, Economy, Entertainment, Social Media, Survival Skills, History of War, Maps,

World Building:
Characters, Settings, Scenarios

Work In Progress
Futuristic Historical Revisionism (without a title) …. Looking back at the world 75 years into the future based on what’s happening in the current global political and social environment and that of different generations over that time period… That might change because I’m basing the 75 years on the release of information from the White House (privacy act?). I may suggest that that law will change because of things like wikileaks. I guess we will see… Either way, you KNOW I’m putting JFK and his brother somewhere in there. I’m stuck wavering between a totally futuristic whats happening in biotech, ai ‘taking over the planet’ vs the fall out of the elections currently happening and the chaos about to ensue (tomorrow as of this writing and I won’t lie, I’m nervous.) – what better time to start keeping track. Maybe it’ll be all rainbows and unicorns. I think not. Blarg.
New Pages (link to latest – separate site maybe password protected)